Protect Yourself and Your Family

At Mission Duncan, we know you go to great lengths to protect your car, your home, and your possessions. You protect them because they are valuable to you, but sometimes, people will just forget about protecting what’s most important: Yourself and your family.

Life and Health Insurance with Mission Duncan can give you peace of mind knowing that you can get back to health to be there for your loved ones, and know they will be financially secure when you can’t be. If you haven’t considered Life and Health Insurance with Mission Duncan, there are a few things you should consider.

Turn on your TV, jump onto your homepage, or even open up your morning paper. It just feels like all everybody’s talking about these days is Health Insurance. The truth is, we won’t always be in perfect health and doctor’s visits, examinations, lost time at work, and medications can all add up. Did you know that federal law now requires all who can afford Health Insurance to be insured? If not, you will end up paying a penalty.

Survey’s show that most families in the Rio Grande Valley don’t have Life Insurance, meaning that if something devastating were to happen to an uninsured family, their loved ones would be left paying their debt and left unable to pay their expenses. With proper Life Insurance, your loved ones can see a brighter financial future with income replacement, final expenses, mortgage payments, and funds for your child’s education. Put yourself at ease knowing that Mission Duncan will be there with your family every step of the way.

Give us a call, or stop by our offices in Mission, Texas, and experience why Mission Duncan has been serving the Rio Grande Valley for over 100 years. So from generation to generation, we’ve been here to protect what’s most important to you, and we look forward to continue protecting you and your family for another 100 years.

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